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Ariel Williams

Certified Professional Midwife



  • 2016 ECTA Advanced Honors Sports Medicine

  • 2017 WRM Certified Labor Doula

  • 2017 Stick Em up IV Therapy

  • 2018- Current Neonatal Resuscitation Program Certification

  • 2019 WRM Advanced Doula

  • 2019 Primary Direct Entry Midwife

  • 2018 Community Healthworker Training

  • 2018 WHO & CDC Child Growth Assessment Training

  • 2020 Cultural Competency, Mercy In Action

  • 2020 Pharmacology for Midwives Including GBS Treatment


Why I became a midwife:


 I have always had a passion for educating parents on their options and supporting them on what is best for their family. Through an internship I saw what typical prenatal care and births looked in our healthcare system. There had to be a better way for families to feel supported and heard during their childbearing. A friend of mine invited me to attend her homebirth. To say it was life changing is an understatement. When this mama birthed and caught her own baby, she brought her baby to her chest and we all were honored to witness her strength and beauty. In that moment, I knew supporting families creating their own beautiful and intimate births was what I was called to do. 


Before I was a midwife:

I started to doula while in nursing school and my passion grew for homebirth. Two years after becoming a doula full-time, I began my apprenticeship to become a midwife. Now I have my dream job of serving families as a midwife and chasing after my wild toddler.