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A Labor Doula is an experienced professional who is trained and educated in the labor and delivery process. She is not a medical provider, but she is experienced in childbirth and educated with up to date information on evidence-based practices. 


A Labor Doula meets with you during your pregnancy to discuss your health, your hopes and fears. She will advocate for your choices and desires and will be there for you to inspire confidence about your labor and birth. She knows common policies and procedures with local hospitals and home birth providers so she can help you prepare for the kind of birth you want.


She also provides physical and emotional comfort during labor, with techniques such as nurturing touch and relaxation methods to decrease labor pain, relieve anxiety, and increase emotional bonding. She does not replace the role of the father, birth partner or other family, but rather empowers them to be a source of support for the mother. A Labor Doula caters her services to the individual needs of that family.  Once your Labor Doula is called to support you during your birth, she does not leave until after you've had your baby.*


She is also trained to help you with breastfeeding. After your birth, she will typically stay an hour or two to help start breastfeeding and help the new family settle in. Once you are home from the hospital, or a few days following your birth, she'll see you at home to make sure you are doing well. She can offer troubleshooting advice and make referrals if you need extra assistance.


*Exceptions are made during a long induction, or during procedures when the medical staff will not allow the Doula to be present.


A WRM Certified Labor Doula goes through a background check, screening, intensive training and mentoring process to help ensure you receive safe, quality care. To be certified, Doulas must attend a minimum of 12 births. 


Our Doulas are required to be current in Infant/Adult CPR & Neonatal Resuscitation, PMAD Training, Community Health Care Worker Training, Child Growth Assessments,Ally Training,SBIRT Training and WHO Foundation Midwife Training. They have also attended a reputable Doula training workshop.


With over 10 years of experience, we specialize in women over 40, VBAC, high risk pregnancy, families conceiving with IVF, homebirth, hospital birth, LGBTQ+, adoption, multiples, single parents, waterbirth, cesarean birth, plus size women, rainbow babies and postpartum depression.


One of the perks of being in business as long as we have is our extensive referral system. Our Doulas can help you find resources for anything from breastfeeding, to photographers or knowing how to find a good Care Provider.

  • 1 Primary Labor Doula + 1 Backup Doula

  • 2 Prenatal Visits, One visit may last up to 2 hours.

  • Each Doula provides one visit, so you can get to know both Doulas on your team.

  • All Fitness Classes at WRM

  • 24 hr on-call availability during your due date range

  • Guaranteed Backup Doula Service

  • Prenatal and Early Labor Phone Support

  • Physical and Emotional Support during active labor and childbirth, continuing into the immediate postpartum period (usually 2 hours after birth) to assist with breastfeeding.

  • 1 Postpartum Phone Check-in at 24-48 hours

  • 1 Home Postpartum Visit within 3-10 days postpartum

  • Available for phone consultations up to 6 weeks postpartum

  • Extensive Referral Services

  • The ability to extend your Labor Doula relationship into Postpartum Doula Care.

Price: Starts at $1000 payment plans and scholarships available

Advanced Doula Pricing starting at $1400 payment plans


Set up a 30 min visit to discuss topics with a Doula that are most important to you! It can be birth planning, comfort measures, postpartum recovery, or tips on how to reduce exposure.

Price: $20, 30 min. visit on a virtual platform.

​Includes all of the above mentioned, offered in a virtual (face to face) platform.

Price: $450, payment plans and scholarships available


Call today 702-478-5080 for a free consultation with a Doula! Or, click the button below to have one call you.

All of our Doulas are Independent Contractors. 

C'Erra Bell

Certified Labor Doula 

Since 2/2016

​Works with Anthem BCBS & Medicaid


​​“Cerra is an amazing doula and she really believes in the natural process of childbirth. I appreciate the care Cerra gave me during my pregnancy in 2019. Even though my birth ended early at 24 weeks, Cerra was able   to comfort me during the difficult time and continued to support me postpartum as well. She is a wonderful advocate for the families who chose natural doula care and she made my experience even more precious with her love and support. Cerra is incredibly knowledgeable when is comes to the care needed for maternity and postpartum, and what make her set apart is the attentiveness she provides. I recommend Cerra to any family that choses natural doula care!

With sincerity and gratefulness,”

-Heather Lee


​Jazmyne Turner

Certified Labor Doula

Since 8/2022

​Works with Anthem BCBS & Medicaid


"​Jazmyne has been an amazing support for me and my family. I had a very difficult and extremely tramatic delivery, Jazmyne has been consistent with checking in daily and visiting. Jazmyne is always professional and a good teacher for a first time mom and dad has a peaceful spirit and brings such positive vibe to my household and healing.My family and I recommend her to her to anyone who is pregnant or plan to become pregnant."

​ - Danielle

​Kortnie Wright

Certified Labor Doula

Since 5/2022

​Works with Anthem BCBS & Medicaid


IG @Iamkortnie

​"Kortnie was such an amazing doula. I hired her for my 3rd birth, 1st homebirth for my husband, thinking he would need direction and coaching and wasn’t sure  if i would have use for her BUT i was so wrong! She payed attention to my sounds and gestures i was making during labor. Was able to tell me what positions to get in to help get some relief, apply pressure where needed and help me sip on some beverages when i could use the strength. She was very at tentative to our needs and did nothing but help while i was able to concentrate on getting our baby earth side. So thankful for Kortnie and all she did for my family and i  -Kevyn Rios


Liah Muhammad

Certified Labor Doula

Since 7/2023

​Works with Anthem BCBS & Medicaid


IG @prolific_mama

Pending Testimony

Shiloa Iwinski​

Certified Labor Doula

Since 7/23

​ Works with Anthem BCBS 


IG @shiloaiwinski


Testimony Pending


Janel Smith

Certified Labor Doula

Since 8/23

​ Works with Anthem BCBS 

(702) 604-5126


Testimony Pending

Ty-Renai Davis

Certified Labor Doula

Since 8/23

​ Works with Anthem BCBS 



Testimony Pending

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