A Labor Doula is an experienced professional who is trained and educated in the labor and delivery process. She is not a medical provider, but she is experienced in childbirth and educated with up to date information on evidence-based practices. 


A Labor Doula meets with you during your pregnancy to discuss your health, your hopes and fears. She will advocate for your choices and desires and will be there for you to inspire confidence about your labor and birth. She knows common policies and procedures with local hospitals and home birth providers so she can help you prepare for the kind of birth you want.


She also provides physical and emotional comfort during labor, with techniques such as nurturing touch and relaxation methods to decrease labor pain, relieve anxiety, and increase emotional bonding. She does not replace the role of the father, birth partner or other family, but rather empowers them to be a source of support for the mother. A Labor Doula caters her services to the individual needs of that family.  Once your Labor Doula is called to support you during your birth, she does not leave until after you've had your baby.*


She is also trained to help you with breastfeeding. After your birth, she will typically stay an hour or two to help start breastfeeding and help the new family settle in. Once you are home from the hospital, or a few days following your birth, she'll see you at home to make sure you are doing well. She can offer troubleshooting advice and make referrals if you need extra assistance.


*Exceptions are made during a long induction, or during procedures when the medical staff will not allow the Doula to be present.


A WRM Certified Labor Doula goes through a background check, screening, intensive training and mentoring process to help ensure you receive safe, quality care. To be certified, Doulas must attend a minimum of 12 births. 


Our Doulas are required to be current in Infant/Adult CPR & Neonatal Resuscitation, PMAD Training, Community Health Care Worker Training, Child Growth Assessments and WHO Foundation Midwife Training. They have also attended a reputable Doula training workshop.


With over 10 years of experience, we specialize in women over 40, VBAC, high risk pregnancy, families conceiving with IVF, homebirth, hospital birth, LGBTQ, adoption, multiples, single parents, waterbirth, cesarean birth, plus size women, rainbow babies and postpartum depression.


One of the perks of being in business as long as we have is our extensive referral system. Our Doulas can help you find resources for anything from breastfeeding, to photographers or knowing how to find a good Care Provider.

  • 1 Primary Labor Doula + 1 Backup Doula

  • 2 Prenatal Visits, One visit may last up to 2 hours.

  • Each Doula provides one visit, so you can get to know both Doulas on your team.

  • All Fitness Classes at WRM

  • 24 hr on-call availability during your due date range

  • Guaranteed Backup Doula Service

  • Prenatal and Early Labor Phone Support

  • Physical and Emotional Support during active labor and childbirth, continuing into the immediate postpartum period (usually 2 hours after birth) to assist with breastfeeding.

  • 1 Postpartum Phone Check-in at 24-48 hours

  • 1 Home Postpartum Visit within 3-10 days postpartum

  • Available for phone consultations up to 6 weeks postpartum

  • Extensive Referral Services

  • The ability to extend your Labor Doula relationship into Postpartum Doula Care.

Price: Starts at $900, payment plans and scholarships available


​Includes all of the above mentioned, offered in a virtual (face to face) platform.

Price: $450, payment plans and scholarships available


Set up a 30 min visit to discuss topics with a Doula that are most important to you! It can be birth planning, comfort measures, postpartum recovery, or tips on how to reduce exposure.

Price: $20, 30 min. visit on a virtual platform.


Call today 702-478-5080 for a free consultation with a Doula! Or, click the button below to have one call you.

All of our Doulas are Independent Contractors.

Tori Hinkle

Certified Advanced Labor Doula


IG @torihinklemidwife



"I couldn't have asked for a better doula than Tori Hinkle! Simply put, she is amazing. She has a great knowledge about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and all things baby! She was by my side for many many hours when I delivered my son in the hospital. Her bedside manner was so comforting, which really helped me during the entire birthing process. This was my first child, and I cannot imagine doing it without her. She also did an in home postpartum visit, which was sooo nice! Her passion for her career really shines through in the what she does. Well Rounded Momma is a great place to find a doula. I highly recommend Tori. She's the best of the best!" - Justine Dixon

Kathleen Ordinario

Certified Labor Doula


IG @kathleen.ordinario


"Kathleen was my doula in February for the labor and delivery of my first child. She was awesome! I obviously didn't know what to expect and was ultimately blown away by her support throughout my pregnancy and then of course during my labor as well. She was easy to talk to and I felt comfortable approaching her with questions leading up to the birth at our in-person visits, or via texts and phone calls. When I decided I'd had enough of my doctor, she was instrumental in helping me secure an appointment with a new OB-GYN in my 38th week of pregnancy (and my new doc was wonderful, so I am very grateful)! During my long labor she was essential in helping my labor progress (which required getting my posterior baby into the right position) by guiding me through targeted exercises and suggesting certain positions for laboring through contractions (which she then supported me through both physically and emotionally). Many of my friends and family were unfamiliar with the benefits of having a doula (as was I) before I hired Kathleen but now I definitely share my experience with them because I can't imagine going through pregnancy and labor without an amazing doula like Kathleen! If you are questioning whether the cost of a doula is worth it when you are overwhelmed by paying for other baby-related expenses, the answer is yes, you won't regret investing in the support of a doula and you surely won't regret choosing Kathleen!" - Chelsea

Jillian Young

Certified Labor Doula


IG @battleborndoula



"I had the most amazing birth experience. Jillian made sure my birth plan was followed and helped to get my little girl out safely. If it wasn't for her I would have gotten a c-section. I had given up around the 8cm mark but she helped me to stay focused on my goals. She was a total blessing." - Chanell Seltz

Emily Encinosa

Certified Labor Doula



IG @expectingwithemily



“My amazing doula Emily Encinosa, my godsend and guardian angel. I had heard of a doula before but really had no idea the extent of work they did until I hired one for my birth. I had just expected an extra person in the birth room to offer some support and suggestions and stay with me if my family or Richie had to step out to eat or use the restroom. What I got instead was a person who helped me examine my goals for birth, discuss all of my options, help me address any issues and fears that arose prenatally. During the birth I had a savior who offered massage, encouragement, helpful suggestions and reminders to breath and be calm when naturally you want to tense and avoid. She got into uncomfortable positions with me, offered physical and emotional support through the entire process (hip squeezes for over 20 hours of the labor). Something I hadn't expected was how she would empower my loved ones giving them ways to really help me in the times I needed. She and my family encouraged me to keep pushing through when I was exhausted and feeling defeated for not making enough progress. She gave me in site of the options presented and made me feel confident and comfortable with every birthing decision we made for me and our child. I'm not sure if I or my family vwould have been able to make it through my birth and labor without that extra support and help. It takes a very special person to do what she does. Thank you for all that you've done for me and all of your other mommas and babies!!! If your pregnant I highly recommend hiring one of these angels!!” Rose Elliott

Jazmine Danielle

Certified Full Spectrum Doula




I'm Jazmine and my pronouns are She/Her.

It is an honor and a calling to witness and support my clients as the journey of pregnancy ends and the new journey of motherhood begins. My call to birth work came after shortly after I began my work as a crystal healer. My journey through this healing work provided me the opportunity to meet so many expecting families and mothers looking to become pregnant. I received my official doula training in Oakland, California, under the guidance of Full Spectrum Birth Worker, Educator, Midwife, and co-founder of Partera Midwifery.


As a doula I provide physical, spiritual, and emotional support that is specific to the needs of the birthing person. This includes crystal healing, energy balancing, comfort techniques, and other ancestral modalities for healing and thriving.

Kyla Groneman

Certified Labor Doula



IG: kylamomma

“Kyla’s calm and soft spoken demeanor is what every woman needs in an intense time. Not only did she stay by me the entire 24 hours of labor, she was always ready to massage, counter pressure, get snacks or cold water, draw a bath, check vitals - you name it! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be a part of my labor/birth. She’s the perfect balance of soft and strong. And as an added plus, she is quite the photographer! Thank you Kyla! “ -Sameya Larson 

Lexi Reid

Certified Labor Doula


IG: lexireeeid

FB: www.Facebook.com/lexireiddoulaservices

“When I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I chose to have Lexi be my doula. This was going to be my second homebirth, but my first time having a doula present at one of my births! Lexi is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn care. She knows a ton about breastfeeding as well, and she’s really just an all around great resource for mamas to have! I really admire the fact that she has always had such a passion for birth. It really shows in the dedication and work she does. One of the top reasons I chose Lexi, was because she has personally had such a wide range of birth experiences herself. I knew that whatever experience I had, she’d be able to connect with me on a personal level and really get it. She’d know exactly how to make my experience more positive! (And that’s what I got!) When it came time for my birth, Lexi was very prompt and came as soon as I called to let her know it was time. Her techniques and calm energy made my birth experience so much more enjoyable. She had all the tools she needed to support me bringing my baby earthside- during transition I needed the extra help, and she guided me through those sacred moments right before meeting my new son. I believe every woman deserves someone as special as a doula to join hands and walk into motherhood with. They are invaluable, and my doula really was a gift. As someone who has given birth 4 times, I can say that having Lexi at my birth made all the difference. I highly recommend Lexi Reid to be your doula, she will be such a positive addition to your birth team!” -Holly Schwinghamer

Alexandrea Ayotte

Certified Labor Doula



Ig/Facebook @earthtonedoula

Hello! I’m Alex a single momma of 3 amazing daughters.
I became a Doula shortly after my own experiences with pregnancy and birth. I didn’t realize how valuable a doula was until I was in need of one myself. All three of my births were unique and presented different obstacles I wish I had more guidance through. It wasn’t until after my third birth I met a doula that explained what a doula provides before, during and after birth. I have always found myself supporting and guiding women through their pregnancies and through postpartum. 
As a Doula I’ll be able to guide you through creating your birth plan that meets your needs. I will support you during labor and delivery and make sure your voice is heard. I will assure you the smoothest recovery and launch you into motherhood and make sure you start the way you’ve always hoped. 

Allie Connelly

Certified Labor Doula



Instagram @thejoyfulbirth 

Email thejoyfulbirth@yahoo.com 

My interest in doula work sparked during my pregnancy with my son in 2018 when I was told I needed a doula. I had a very long hard labor and delivery due to induction and if it weren’t for my support team I don’t believe I would have achieved the birth I desired. I have been studying and learning about birth ever since, and my passion just grows stronger. I believe every woman should have the chance to have a doula, to be supported through her pregnancy and birth just like I was.  I love helping women feel empowered in their bodies, and helping provide the support in whatever form she may need. The work doulas do is so impactful, and truly is my calling. 


In my daily life, I am a wife to an amazing husband. Together we raise two children and serve as our church’s Teen Leaders.