New Counseling Services at WRM

Emma Coro, MFTI

We are pleased to announce that Well Rounded Momma has added therapeutic counseling services as part of our commitment to support our clients through their entire pregnancy experience. We recognize that every women’s pregnancy is unique and personal; and that having access to a professional, licensed therapist to offer emotional support throughout pregnancy is beneficial to mom and baby. This service will be available throughout pregnancy, after the baby arrives, as well as to support women who are experiencing postnatal feelings of stress and anxiety.

According to the World Health Organization 10% of women will experience significant stress and anxiety during her pregnancy and 13% will have postpartum emotional distress. Fortunately, most of these experiences are easily prevented or managed through therapy.

Recent research has shown that the perinatal period is the most crucial development phase for mother and child (Brooks & Wilson, 2019). Due to the physical and emotional changes experienced through pregnancy, it is normal for you to undergo new levels of stress and anxiety. Our service will help you understand, cope, reduce and prevent the negative impacts of stress and anxiety on you, your family and your baby – improving the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

The good news is that WRM is here to help! Even if you are not experiencing any negative stress or anxiety, you will certainly have new, normal feelings during your pregnancy, and having someone to talk to is important! Research has documented the benefits, for mom and baby, associated with the therapeutic systems we offer through both individual and group sessions.

Well Rounded Momma is pleased to have added Emma Coro, MFTI, to spearhead this effort. Emma recently received her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Emma has more than ten years’ experience working with families and youth in Southern Nevada. Most importantly, she is a WRM client, birthing her daughter Luna at home in 2017. Emma understands pregnancy and all that it entails… She also knows the benefits of having a home birth and using midwife/doula services.


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