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This may only be added to a Basic Capsule Package or Well Rounded Placenta Package. 


Placenta services are usually performed in our Placenta Specialist's own workspace, however we understand that some clientelle might feel more comfortable if we used their own kitchen as our workspace. Purchasing this add-on automatically sets you up for service in your own home. 



The placenta service provider usually waits until client is home from the hospital and the placenta is released OR the she can begin the process right after birth, if a home birth. The process takes approx., 2-days, both days the process takes 2-4 hours. Each day the client's kitchen will be thoroughly sanitized according to OSHA protocols. The service provider uses a bleach or eco-friendly germicide solution as required by blood-borne pathogens training. All supplies are provided by the service provider and brought to the client's home. **Access to an empty sink, stove, cleared counter top space and an outlet are needed and required.** 

In-Home Service [add-on]

  • Well Rounded Momma (WRM, LLC) is not a pharmacy, pharmaceutical representative, holistic practitioner, herbalist, or medical doctor. Benefits of placentophagy are supported by ongoing research but have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration-FDA. Placentophagy, (as it pertains to this contract agreement, is for natural nutritional supplementation and is intended solely for ingestion by the mother who has birthed the placenta(s) and not for her family members, friends, or other individuals), is a natural nutritional supplement and as such cannot be guaranteed to produce specific results. Furthermore, the client releases WRM from any liability from ingesting her own placenta. If a raw form of preparation is selected by the client, such as the smoothie cubes, you understand that consuming raw or undercooked meats, may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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