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Placenta Encapsulation Description

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the mother’s placenta after the birth of her baby(ies) (by separating the membranes and umbilical cord from the placenta and rinsing and draining maternal and fetal blood) and dehydrating it to then be ground and placed into capsules for the mother to ingest as she sees fit.


The ingestion of the placenta is known as “placentophagy.” The purpose of placentophagy by the mother is to reintroduce the beneficial vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins, and other nutrients to her body following labor and birth to help restore a more balanced body function, prevent “baby blues” and the more serious postpartum depression, increase breast-milk production, shorten healing time, increase maternal energy levels, and provide an over-all feeling of wellness to aid in the transition between pregnancy and the early postpartum period in the woman who has just given birth.


This package includes:

Basic Capsules

Umbilical Cord Keepsake (if possible)

Placenta Service E-Book (contains contact information and dosage recommendations)



WRM Placenta Services include:

-Pick-up of placenta(s) to be encapsulated

-Proper cleanliness and preparation precautions

-The full placenta preparation and encapsulation process at specialist's home [Additional $50 surcharge fee required for

processing the placenta at client's home]

-Proper storage container of the completed placenta pills

-Written instructions for proper storage and handling of the finished placenta pills

-Suggestions for ingestion amounts

-Delivery of the finished placenta pills to the client at the agreed upon location by both parties. 

-Placenta pills are encapsulated in size 0 gelatin capsules.


Encapsulation is a two to three day process:

-Day 1: once the placenta is picked up, it is steamed, then dehydrated for at least 8 hours at 160F. 

* Before the placenta can be prepared, it must be defrosted if frozen. This can take an additional 24-48hrs.

-Day 2: involves grinding the placenta and placing it in capsules, salves are made by heat infusing oil with dehydrated membranes and takes an additional 4 hrs to make.


Services, Packages & Pricing

Full payment is required before your service provider can perform her services; $50 of this fee is non-refundable. This ensures we have adequate supplies on hand and reserve your space on our calendar. You are responsible for ensuring your placenta is released to you and has been stored properly.  We do not offer full refunds if your placenta was mishandled, lost or otherwise deemed unsuitable for consumption. 


By purchasing this package you are agreeing to the above disclosures and guidelines set forth by the Placenta Service Provider and give consent to her to perform the services requested. I also understand I will be asked to sign a contract at pickup that says exactly the same thing listed here and I will be provided a copy upon request.



Basic Placenta Capsules

  • Well Rounded Momma (WRM) is not a pharmacy, pharmaceutical representative, holistic practitioner, herbalist, or medical doctor. Benefits of placentophagy are supported by ongoing research but have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration-FDA. Placentophagy, (as it pertains to this contract agreement, is for natural nutritional supplementation and is intended solely for ingestion by the mother who has birthed the placenta(s) and not for her family members, friends, or other individuals), is a natural nutritional supplement and as such cannot be guaranteed to produce specific results. Furthermore, the client releases WRM from any liability from ingesting her own placenta. If a raw form of preparation is selected by the client, such as the smoothie cubes, you understand that consuming raw or undercooked meats, may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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