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Homebirth Package

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through every step of your your pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

When you sign up for the Well Rounded Homebirth Package, the following services are ALL included.
When purchased together you receive a savings of $900!
Homebirth Services + Kit

This package includes all of your prenatal care, home delivery, birth supplies, and postpartum care for 6-8 weeks.

Childbirth Class

You have the option of choosing the Well Rounded Childbirth Series or we will put $100 towards another contractor's class at WRM.

Labor Doula Service

Doulas help with additional birth planning, comfort, coaching and support during labor. Includes 2 prenatal visits, labor support and guaranteed backup services.

Unlimited Workshops

We offer exclusive workshops to help you feel confident as a parent. Find workshops about caring for a newborn, breastfeeding, vaccinations and so much more.

Well Rounded Massage Package

 Package includes Three (3), 60 min. prenatal massages + One (1),  60 min. postnatal massage

Unlimited Fitness Classes

Is Prenatal Wellness and Postpartum Recovery an important goal for you and your baby? Come and enjoy any of our fitness classes like pilates and yoga.

Birth Tub Rental

Reservation includes 24 hour on-call availability, a heated AquaDoula tub, complete set up, break down and clean up of your birth tub by a qualified technician

Therapy Sessions

Body changes and navigating motherhood can bring about some confusing emotions. Included in this package are 2, 30 min sessions with our in-house therapist.

Placenta Encapsulation

Many mothers report that consuming their placenta, dried and in capsules has many benefits such as increased energy, more milk supply and improved mood. This includes basic placenta encapsulation.

Lactation Home Visit Package

Get the best start possible when breast/chest feeding your baby. This includes 2 home visits with a Certified Lactation Counselor.

Car Seat Check

 Schedule an appointment with our Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) who can help you learn how to best install your car seat in your vehicle. 

Pelvic Floor Consultation

Sometimes pregnancy and childbirth can put a strain on our pelvic floor, leading to pain and often incontinence. Included are 1 prenatal and 2 postpartum consultations with our pelvic floor specialist.


This package is offered at the price of $5000, saving you $900, if these services were purchased individually. Because this is a large discount, we do not offer refunds, a la carte or discounts if a service listed is not desired or no longer valid due to health reasons. We do offer insurance billing and may do a verification of benefits to see how much of these services may be covered by your insurance. However, even if we are in network with your insurance, you should expected to come out of pocket at least $2000 for uncovered services, co pays and coinsurance fees.

Payment plans are offered at different monthly rates, depending on when care has begun. A deposit is required to begin using services listed in this package. If payments are not made as agreed, services in this package will discontinue. If our client is experiencing a hardship, their Midwife should be notified so the service package can be modified depending on how many payments have been made.


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