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Callie's Birth Story

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew immediately that I did not want a hospital birth. I

wanted to be at home where I was comfortable and in solitude. I heard about WRM from a

homeopathic doctor I was seeing. We went to a few open houses and began interviewing

doulas and midwives.

I wanted a doula for my first pregnancy so that I would have someone at the hospital

in case the delivery didn’t go as planned. I would later discover that she was so very calming

and helpful. (holding my hand, rubbing my arm, giving me sips of water and touching my hair. It

was truly helpful and wonderful.)

Tiffanie was the second midwife we interviewed. Immediately we felt very comfortable with her

and knew she was a good fit for us. During the pre-natal visits she was very warm and open.

Always patiently answering our numerous first-time-pregnancy questions. It was wonderful to

not have to sit in a waiting room for 30 min to see a doctor for 15 minutes. We spent an hour

with Tiffanie each time.

My pregnancy was uneventful at the beginning. I did not experience morning sickness or have

crazy cravings. Later in the pregnancy I had a lot of back pain. On the 4th of July, eight months

pregnant, I went to the ER because I went over the handlebars on a bicycle ride. I texted

Tiffanie and she was available to talk and reassure me though it.

Our baby eventually came 19 days past the due date. It was a stressful time because most

women’s doctors don’t “let” them go that “overdue” and many well meaning friends and family

peppered me with questions about “when was I going to be induced?!” And have I tried this trick

or that wives tale. Why yes, I was walking every night. And making love to my husband. And

eating eggplant parmesan. I eventually tried acupuncture, which for me did not go so well. And

then I used Clary Sage essential oil and I “felt” like something was different with that. Along with

my baby “being ready”, I truly believe that was what did it for me.

“Delivery day” was another normal boring day waiting. I didn’t do much. I was going to watch a

chick flick to pass the time, but then a friend called and we talked for a good long while. I had

made a roast chicken and potato salad. In the evening my hubby and I made love and watched

some TV episodes on Netflix. We went to bed about 11:30. He had been letting me sleep alone

so that I could use the incline on the bed to help my back pain. I fell asleep and woke with a jolt

30 minutes later when I felt the floodgates open with her water. I yelled for him but he didn't hear

me so I texted and called him and thankfully he was still up. He came in full of excitement and

we went into action mode. We striped the sheets off the bed and threw them in the wash.

(Thankful for the waterproof mattress cover). Hubby went to fill the labor pool.

Within ten minutes of the water breaking I started having contractions. And they were definitely

stronger than any I’d had in the weeks before. I also spent a good amount of time on the toilet

with bowel movements. I went to the room to get in the labor pool, but then realized I felt I

needed to throw up. After several minutes of doing that, I finally got in the pool, but the water

was pretty cool. I had hubby wrap a blanket around my shoulders as I was shivering some.

I thought I was only in the water alone for 5 to 15 minutes before Tiffanie and my doula arrived,

but hubby said “no it was about 45 minutes.” Time was a blur and I felt like my body/brain went

on auto-pilot, as I don’t remember much and it felt like no time at all. I have no idea what

everyone else was doing.

When Tiffanie arrived she said I could labor in the pool, but that I couldn't deliver the baby in the

water because it was too cold. So hubby bailed water out and boiled more to put in. It did get

better then chilled off again. I was still hanging over the edge with a blanket wrapped on my

shoulders and my doula holding my hand and giving me sips of water. As contractions came, my

body would tense and I would poo. (Having a baby is definitely not clean and glamorous!)

Eventually Tiffany wanted me to pee. She said I could do it in the water or get out and use the

bathroom, so I got out. After I was done she wanted to check my dilation, so I laid on the floor

and then just decided to stay there.

I really don't remember much. I do remember two things going through my head. 1. breathe. I

tried my best to take deep meaningful breaths. 2. I remember thinking “this isn't so bad”. Hubby

said I laid there about 30 minutes pushing and relaxing, pushing and resting. My husband

wanted to catch our baby girl so he, Tiffanie and her student patiently waited, watched and

encouraged. And my Doula and her student made me as comfortable as possible.

Finally our beautiful baby arrived, just under 4 hours from when my water had broke. It was all

very personal and peaceful.

As the days went on, I found that I was really struggling with breastfeeding. My baby did not

latch very well. Neither she nor I knew what to do to make it work better. Tiffanie was just a text

away 24/7. It helped calm me knowing that she knew what was happening. Her expertise and

on-call care was such a relief to me. I would NEVER have gotten that from my OB. After a visit

with Tiffanie in her office, she got my baby to latch within a minute (which made me cry with

such an emotional mix of relief and frustration). And I never had a problem with her latching

after that.

The entire process was amazing. I’m so thankful for Tiffanie and would highly recommend her

and home birth to anyone seeking that avenue.


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