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Brixton's Birth Story

Months of planning, preparations, and a hypnobirthing series all to get ready for this moment! March 21st, 12am I began feeling the surges and I couldn’t help but feel the excitement. These surges felt like heavy cramps, nothing too intense; just enough to keep me awake for hours. I thought to myself, “This is it! He’s on his way!” I called my mother-in-law Shannon to give her the exciting update. The plan was to have a water birth at Shannon’s home in her upstairs master bedroom. Once she received my call, it was on! She and my father-in-law Johnny got the birthing room ready while Mikal and I packed and prepared any last minute items that we would need. The remainder of that day, I didn’t have many more surges, so I continued to prepare myself with some at home prenatal yoga and other exercises.

Midnight the following day rolls around and my second set of continuous surges begin; this time we’re at the in-laws. The pre-labor surges last all day long; throughout the day I continue to exercise, keep track of the surges, and keep Tiffanie posted. At about 5:00pm my surges turn into active labor so I call Tiffanie to inform her that I am ready! Feelings of excitement, curiosity and anticipation take over at this point, so, I begin listening to my rainbow relaxation and positive affirmations in order to keep calm.

The room and birthing environment was perfect; everything I wanted and had specified in my birthing plan. As soon as you walked into the room there was a medical supply table to the left and a private bathroom on my right. A large tarp and tub was in the big open space in front of a bed and a set of French doors leading to a balcony off to the side of my bed. Later that evening all the lights were dimed with scents of lavender and frankincense filling the air. I had my rainbow relaxation playing in the background along with some comforting classical music, and the French doors were open allowing a beautiful breeze to enter the room.

The next seven hours seemed to fly by; I spend half of the time in the birthing tub and the other half in various positions all around the room. Shannon was constantly checking on me and making sure I was comfortable; she was amazing through the whole process considering that she was terrified of having the little man at home. Tiffanie and Amy were there for any questions I had, along with the constant monitoring of Brixton’s heart rate. My husband Mikal took charge though; he was my doula! Anytime I needed help in or out of the pool or around the room he was there. He anticipated things I needed before I even thought of them; he kept me hydrated, constantly kept the soothing music going, and reminded me to do my breathing. With any surges or excessive pressure that I experienced, Mikal would jump to my side to apply pressure to my hips and message my back and shoulders. My husband was a rock star through the entire process!

Finally the time is right, at about 11:30pm I crawl to Tiffanie and she informs me that I’m fully dilated and ready to push. Originally my birth plan didn’t include pushing but rather allowing my surges to do the work; that’s not what my body wanted to do at that moment though. So, for the next 29 minutes I pushed; it was intense, wonderful and exhausting! Shannon behind me, my husband at my side ready to catch, and Tiffanie and Amy at my feet making sure everything goes smoothly. About half way through the pushing, Tiffanie had me reach down to fell my sons head… WOW! What an experience! At 11:29:34 pm, Brixton Mikal Weatherholt came into this world! Dad caught him and put him on my chest. Just moments after being born, Brixton opened his eyes and took a good look at his new family! Our beautiful baby boy arrived! 7lbs 6oz. 21 inches long and perfect in every way!

One concern I had throughout my pregnancy was breastfeeding. Thankfully 15 minutes after he was born Tiffanie and Amy got Brixton and myself cleaned, and in the bed to feed. With just a few minor tweaks and adjustments he was feeding without any issues! I couldn’t take my eyes off of this perfectly healthy little human being. As many times as I had I imagined what my son might look like, nothing could prepare me for the absolute perfection that lay before me! This whole experience had me feeling as if I were in a very vivid dream, and what a beautiful dream it was!


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