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Interview Questions For A Care Provider

What are some of the most important things you’d like for your birth? (low or no interventions, skin to skin with your baby, dad wants to catch, etc.)

Compare the interview questions below with your desires for birth.



Will you be the person delivering my baby, or do you work on-call?

How far past my estimated due date are you comfortable going?

How many births do you anticipate attending every month?

How do you feel about intermittent monitoring?

How do you feel about delayed cord clamping?

Can you describe for me a typical delivery?

How often do you see (insert goal here; example: a natural birth, a first time mom have a homebirth, a dad catch, vaginal birth after cesarean, etc.)?

How often do you…


Rupture Membranes (break water)

Schedule Inductions

Augment labor with Pitocin

Perform Cesareans

-What is the most common cause for cesarean?



How long have you been in practice?

What are your credentials and training?

Do you carry emergency medications and/or herbs?

What kind of emergency training do you have?

Do you have a state license? If no, what is the legal status of midwifery in my state?

Do you practice alone or with other Midwives?

Do you attend births by yourself, or you do you have an assistant?

Do you require your clients to do anything like take classes, tests or hire a doula?

If you are unable to attend my birth (ex. due to sickness, another birth at the same time), who would back you up?

What kind of things would risk me out of care during pregnancy?

How often do you induce or augment labor by stripping membranes, or using herbs?

Do you deliver twins or breeches? If yes, how many have you done?

How often do people need to transition to the hospital? How do you usually arrange that?

What does your feed include? Are there any extra costs like a birth kit?

Do you take insurance? How does that effect my out of pocket?


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