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Naomi's Birth Story

It was going to be a very uncertain month. We were expecting a baby which meant I was going to be out of work for a time and my husband, Domenic, had just started a new job. The new place had him on the schedule 6, sometimes 7 days a week and It was questionable if he was going to be able to call out or leave on the spot if need be without losing his position. It was a Tuesday morning and the only day that week Domenic wasn't scheduled to work. I was getting ready for work when I felt my first contraction although I wasn't sure that's what it was. I'd heard so many stories of women that thought they were going into labor and told the world only to have the baby weeks later so I figured I'd wait until there was no doubt before I started making any preparations.

I coach gymnastics and normally I work in the afternoons but it was spring break for the kids so we had changed the scheduled to morning practices that week. As I walked in just before 8 am one of my coworkers joked with me, "Still no baby!?" I told her I honestly wasn't sure but I felt fine for the time being. It was probably about 10:30 when I was closing my eyes at another little wave of pain that one of my gymnasts said to me, "I don't think you should be here." I told her she was probably right, gave them over to another coach and left.

When I got home Domenic was still in bed. He works late nights and I didn't want to wake him so I quietly started trying to time my contractions. I knew I was supposed to call for the birth tub when they were about 7 minutes apart and let Tiffanie, my midwife know when I was at 4 minutes between contractions.  I wasn't exactly sure how to do it... 43 seconds long, 60 seconds, 52, 30, 50... 4 mins apart, 2 and a half, 3, 5, 7... Wait 7... did I miss one? How do I know when the contractions over? Does the pain linger after? Did that hurt enough to be a contraction? There is not way I can be doing this right.

At some point during my guessing game Domenic woke up.  The contractions seemed to be less than 7 mins apart so I told him I thought it was safe to call for the tub. I had also talked to Tiffanie and told her I was having trouble timing the contractions but I'd try to keep her updated. It wasn't long before I was on my knees leaning over the edge of the bed trying to text her to come when I gave up on the text completely and tossed my phone. I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband who followed through with getting the message to her.

The memory of my birth team arriving is very vague. I do remember that there was some sort of hold up with the birth tub getting to us and then getting filled probably because I wanted to get in the water in hopes that it would relieve some of the pain. When the tub finally was set up I did get in.  It did help a bit.

Domenic describes the whole experience as very peaceful and I would have to agree. We had some quiet meditation music playing and although with each contraction I felt pain I was also very at ease. The majority of the time I was on my knees in the tub leaning over the edge and Domenic sat outside it holding my hand so I could squeeze his during the contractions. I had to re position myself few times so we could get a good reading on the babies heart rate.

My water broke after I got in the tub. It was like a small explosion and I voiced that it felt weird. I don't know how long I was in the tub. It must have been hours later that Tiffanie suggested I get out of the tub and sit on the toilet which I did. I knew the delivery of the baby was getting close. Shortly after I went back into the room so we could check just how close. I laid down on the floor and Tiffanie confirmed that it was time to push. Pushing felt so much better than just the contractions but he wasn't coming out fast.

Domenic was at my head supporting it and my eyes were squeezed shut. It took quite a few pushes but when he finally came out they laid him right on me. I can still recall very clearly the weight of him and the wetness of his skin. Domenic cut the cord and then at the birth teams suggestion took him so they could finish tending to me. My body was spasming and I was tired.

A few minutes later we were sitting as a family on our bed. God brought us through the whole process with no hiccups. He even provided that our beautiful baby boy arrived on a day Domenic didn't have to work. 9 lbs 2 oz Domenic David III was born at 7:29 pm just as the sun was setting. What an incredible experience and blessing the whole thing was. I am thankful beyond words.


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