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Well Rounded Momma
Support Groups 

Each support group is totally free to attend and all are welcome! 

Milk & Mingle Meetup 

Milk & Mingle is a cozy haven for breast and bottle feeding mothers to connect, share, and flourish. Our group is a warm and inviting space where you can nurse your little one while nurturing friendships with fellow moms. We understand the joys and challenges of motherhood, and we’re here to offer a supportive community, valuable advice, and lasting connections. Join us every Wednesday from 10am-12pm for lively discussions, informative workshops, and heartwarming moments of bonding. At Milk & Mingle, we celebrate the journey of motherhood one sip at a time, all while providing a safe and judgment-free environment.

Every Wednesday!


Breastfeeding Class

Birth Story Sharing Circle 

Whether you have had a baby or are about to have a baby we welcome all to  come to this event. This event is hosted by a birth professional trained in holding safe space. We invite you to share positive stories, scary stories or a little of both. To listen, to engage, to inspire and to heal. This is a free community event. Babes in arms are more than welcome.

“Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces” - Ann Voskamp

Second Thursday of Each Month! 


Newborn Class
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