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Fitness Classes

Is prenatal wellness and postpartum recovery an important goal for you and your baby?

Take advantage of our $30 monthly unlimited class pass! This new monthly membership includes all of our classes AND 10% off in our shop! 


Walk-Ins welcome at $7 per person. Clients of WRM Midwives & Doulas take our fitness classes for free.



10am - 11am Pilates

5:45pm - 6:45pm Yoga


10am -11am Mommy & Me


10am -11am Kids Yoga (begins Jan. 2020)

6pm - 7pm Zen Belly Sound Bath


10:30am -11:30am Yoga

5:45pm - 6:45pm Pilates


10am - 11am Pilates (ends Jan. 2020)

10am - 11am Prenatal Dance (begins Jan. 2020)

Zen Belly Sound Bath

Included in our fitness passes



October 2, 9, 16, 23

Nov 6, 13, 20

Dec 4, 11, 18

@ 6:30-7:30pm


Schedule one hour for yourself this Wednesday if want to feel relaxed, recharged and most of all, connected to your developing baby. Come, immerse yourself in a Zen Belly sound bath and let gentle, healing waves of sound and vibration wash over you. Our collection of Himalayan singing bowls, Quartz crystal singing bowls, string instruments, drums, rain sticks and chimes are a joyful and relaxing modality for expecting mothers, fathers and baby. Vibrational frequencies are gently played in the room where you will comfortably rest, seated or lying down, for 1 hour with your eyes closed. Sound, silence and pure tones will penetrate your body easily and gently, bringing you and your baby to a calm, rested state where cell regeneration can occur. Balanced and restored, your cells will connect to form a strong and stable internal structure where old symptoms of stress can no longer exist and conditions for baby become calm, healthy and tuned to perfection. What a worthy time to be in tune, open and relaxed. Please join us weekly. Namaste, baby!


We are John and Patti Block, of Zen Body Waves and proud parents of a little boy born into the Well Rounded Momma family in 2013. Residents of Las Vegas for over 20 years, we understand that the stress in daily life and in a busy city, create chaotic waves of energy within your body. I am Patti, a certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner and currently training in Biofield Tuning. I love energy and knowing that the power to heal and strengthen our bodies is within us and all around us. As my knowledge has expanded so has the excitement of my loving husband John who recently started his journey into Vibrational Sound Therapy and is currently attending the Sound Healing Academy. With our symphony of sounds and meditative guidance, it will be easy for you to let go, breathe deep, and feel more connected to both yourself and your baby.